Clip it on 50’s style!

The swinging 50’s are back! Once again we see fashionista’s reverting back to the golden years, sporting high waisted A-line skirts with cute cashmere cardigans and granny-chic collars.

Nauticoco are one independent brand at the forefront of this vintage fashion wave and have even caught the eye of Grazia Magazine with their range of Peter Pan clip on collars.

These little beauties are small enough to slot into your handbag, so when you hit the town after a hard day in the office, you can transform a shirt, jumper or cardigan into the perfect dancing attire.

My favourite design is “Hepburn” which is made from fine silk and embellished with Swarovski crystal pearls. Costing £59 from it may seem a little steep, but that’s what you pay for quality!

Image: Nauticoco