Nicky Haslam makes a splash with his design for Decorex

This years Decorex event was my first and I am to say not my last! An important player in London Design Festival and set in the grounds of the renowned Royal Chelsea Hospital, the buzzing atmosphere started as soon as I walked through the gates. Designers, journalists and businessmen and women were discussing on the way to the official marquee, what exciting delights Decorex 2011 will present.

It’s fair to say the entrance was a killer! Designed by renowned interior designer Nicky Haslam and Collete van den Thillart from NH Design.

Nicky Haslam

Based around the theme of “Cherished Places”, the right side of the foyer depicted the theatrical scene of a underwater boudoir. The bed engulfed in luxurious silks, inset in a giant oyster shell with crushed sea shells layering the floor and 3D flowers cascading the walls.

Coloured glass chandeliers framed the silver walls of the display, adding subtle shades of light and creating eerie shadows around the two giant statues of what seemed to be mermaids on each side of the bed. You felt like you had just stepped into the lost world of Atlantis!

A jittery vintage film was projected on the back wall of the display framing the left side of the walkway while mannequins dressed in retro sea-themed outfits, stood posing contentedly as calming jazz music filled the grand foyer.

So, a great start to the show!  The design duo promised to create an entrance that would wash away those before and they have certainly gone all out achieving a dramatic first impression of Decorex for each visitor to enjoy. But what do you think? It this extravagance gone too far or are you a supporter of bigger is better? Let us know what your thoughts are and stay tuned as we bring your more updates and hot picks from the prestigious Decorex International event 2011.