Guide to making a vintage cake stand

Up-cycling has become huge over the last year with celebrities like Linda Barker and Gok Wan fronting the campaign. Well, it’s not a surprise people have jumped on the band wagon with the way the worlds economic climate is going, every penny definitely counts.

Embracing up-cycling not only about re-vamping your old furniture or polka dot dress, it’s a great opportunity to support your local charity shops and make use of unwanted – goods. That’s what we did at couch!

Perfect for all our vintage Fashionista readers, here is a guide to making your own bespoke cake stand that is guaranteed to be a party winner!

1. The glue – make sure you buy a glue which is suitable for glass and ceramics. Uni-bond is a great brand to use, it’s very sturdy but a little pricey so if you know of a good alternative you that!

2. Style – you can make your stand as plain or decorative as you like, I bought my glasses and plates form the charity shop down the road and made sure I had three different sized plates and two glasses. Make sure you have a small and large glasses that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the plates.

3. Polish! Polish! Polish! Make sure those glasses are sparkling.

4. Upside down or upright? – Now, many stands I’ve seen online have the glasses upside down, but think it looks odd so I chose to keep mine upright, although it’s entirely up to you.

5. Start assembling – take the largest glass and medium plate and carefully squeeze the glue (if you’ve mixed the glue in a pot use an ear bud to trace over the edge of the glass or to wipe away excess glue) around the top of the glass, then place the plate on top. Secure with a heavy book on top to help the bond.

6. Repeat the above process with the smallest glass and smallest plate.

7. Leave for roughly twenty minutes, I never go by what it says on the glue pack because you’re guaranteed it will take twice as long.

8. Take the largest glass and medium plate which you’ve glued together and carefully squeeze glue on the bottom of the glass. Then place in the middle of the largest plate that will be the base. You have the choice to place a book on top at this stage and wait for the glue to dry or move straight to point.

9. Repeat the above with the smallest glass and plate you’ve already stuck together and place it on the middle plate. So now you have the stand compiled, place a book on top and wait for the glue to dry.

10. Easy at that!

Tips: I decided to glue a tea-cup on top of my stand which can be used to hold a candle or sweets. You could also put a false flower, beads or crystals in the glasses to add to the style of your stand.

If you need any help or advice just leave a comment and I will help you as much as I can!