Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shows us the perfect wrap at Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Well Couch finally made it to the Ideal Show at Christmas, held at Earls Court in London and WOW! It’s like you’ve walked into Santa’s grotto – THE TARDIS VERSION! As we expected the event was packed with people of all ages getting excitable over the festive decorations, Christmas tree’s, mulled wine and winter fashions.

But Couch’s first stop was the How To Theatre in the interiors section of the show, where a silky voice boomed over the heads of the crowd, it was of course…. Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen. He was giving a seminar on how to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts – now I must say now I’m a terrible wrapper so this demo was of great value and advice I had to pass on.

LLB stressed it’s the thought that counts and wrapping your gifts beautifully is a way of creating extra suspense and excitement. I believe he referred to it as “like a strip tease!” But I do agree with his fundamental point.The Interior designer chose a lady named Ursula from the crowd and offered to wrap her Moroccan lamp, as it was a difficult shape. Here are some LLB pointers to wrap dapper.

  1. Tape two pieces of paper together (portrait) and one piece (landscape) at the bottom. To create a “cut and shut”.
  2. Then, line various colors of stuffing paper on top of the wrapping paper to create an inner layer – think pass the parcel.
  3. Now, at this point LLB stressed that where we crappy wrappers are going wrong is we try to follow the shape of the present. Instead we should be just making our shape and wrapping to that. Sounds like a funky dance! It was rather like “go with the flow” wrapping but it did actually work. He presented the wrapped lamp, which didn’t look like the original shape at all, and the crowd applauded.
  4. Of course it was not LLB’s style to just leave it at that, he had to make it extra special. He used a bright blue ribbon around the lamp. He advised the crowd to buy the ribbon from a haberdashery shop as it was cheaper than a card shop – thanks Llewelyn!
  5. Finally, he took a black glitter star tree decoration and whipped out something called “cream relief” – yes we know what you’re thinking! It’s a thick white paste like icing that can be used as a pen to write personalised messages on. This little trick I will be using!

Keep checking back for more updates! Oh and here we managed to snap LLB in the press office after his seminar looking very deep in thought – wonder what he’s thinking about?