Festive room designs and decorations for Christmas 2011

This years festive décor trends have burst farther afield than ever before, becoming more adventurous and less traditional. Because of the hard economic climate, people are experimenting with alternative styles such as vintage, retro, up-cycled and pastel palettes twinned with bright tones to create a positive and “Christmassy” atmosphere in the home.

Demonstrating a really nice selection of Christmas room designs stretching across the spectrum was the Room Sets section at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas.

The four sets where wrapped in a huge silver bow and showed off the traditional Christmas decorations, white winter wonderland design, a “make-do-and-mend” example and the following, which were firm winners with Couch.

Fizzy Pastels

The most challenging room set, mixing sweet candy shades of pink, blue and green was the Fizzy Pastels dining room design. As you can probably tell from the name this room was based around combining winter’s most sparkling trends and producing an explosion of bright pastel colour with glitter, key retro pieces and earthy wood materials.

What made this room so special and a definite showstopper was the rather quirky dining table. Something little and fast was moving over the table making everyone stop and stare – it doubled up as a toy train track!

I stood there for no longer than five minutes and hoards of people marveled with which the following comments occurred, “wow look at the train – that’s so clever!” along with, “I’ve seen it all now” and (said by two grown men) “can we get in and play?”. I giggled as peoples faces lit up and thought, the simplest things are always a crowd pleaser.

Couch’s top pieces:

Best of British

This room was designed to reflect the very best of British heritage and tradition, but didn’t stay strict to the red, white and blue colours.

An injection of silver, fuscia and yellow added edge to the design and the room showcased iconic and unique furniture from past and present including cricket bats made into stools, 2D Chesterfield wall coverings and patchwork upholstery.

Couches top pieces:

Here are some of the other designs showcased to give you even more inspiration – enjoy!

Nordic White Luxe