Designer turns unwanted books into chic bags

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These bags are the stuff dreams and fairy tales are made of – no really they are quite literally! Designed by nimble fingered Caitlin Phillips under the name Rebound Designs, her clever bags are a perfect gift for any book-worm. Each bag is made from a book which takes Caitlin roughly 8 hours to complete from start to finish.

Phillips sources the books from here there and everywhere, many of them are brought back to life from a sorry state. She then carefully removes the pages – keeping the spine and cover of the book in tact. Finally, she lines the skeleton of  the book with quirky fabric quirky  and adding a handle.

As a special treat for her customers, Caitlin also offers to post the pages of the book if requested, as she doesn’t throw any materials away. And for the daring, she also creates naughty little pins made from short saucy one liners from romance novels.

Her innovative designs are a real treat for any fashionista wanting to rock up to a party with something truly unique – and a definite talking point.

You can choose from a range of hardback, paper back, even kindle covers and ipads! from Caitlin’s website or, with prices ranging from £30 – £130. We just love them!