Religious Milk’s debut attracts London art lovers

Good afternoon all! Couch would like to thank the lovely Justyna Sowa for inviting us to the launch of her first solo exhibition, Religious Milk in East London.

Held at the underground and cave-like bar, Three Blind Mice, Sowa lined the exposed walls with her thought provoking illustrations. The low lighting from an array of flickering candles added real ambience to the event cosy event space.

And cosy it was, creative’s, art lovers and simple admirers like us, filled the bar to the brim. People from all walks for life and professions made the effort to come and see Sowa’s work and the atmosphere was buzzing.

Justyna Sowa - bottom, second on the right

The Polish Artist has always nurtured her creative talents and uses her surroundings and religious experiences to translate onto paper for the world’s eye to see.  The collection took roughly half a year to complete and she hopes to develop her collection even further.

In Poland religion is pretty big and over here its not so much and I wanted to incorporate my religious background with modern culture. I’m inspired by everything I see, the film Clockwork Orange was a huge influence on some of my work.”

A number of Sowa’s illustrations show connotations of motherhood and one in particular caught our eye. It eerily depicts a number of foetal-like beings surrounding a female who looks to be tangled in a web. Another stand out piece which attracted a lot of attention, is that used for the exhibition poster. It shows a woman clutching her chest, which is pouring with liquid from the heart, whilst she’s holding what looks to be half rag doll, half child.

I don’t really have an initial message I want to emphasise, I just draw first, sort of free flow without really thinking about what’s coming out of the end of the pencil.

Each of her illustrations depict the female form in various ways which Sowa puts down to her alter ego. She is subconsciously expressing issues and experiences females may face because she can relate to them.

Overall this talented young Artist can take pride in the success of her first solo exhibition and the level of interest that was received. We thoroughly enjoyed the free Prosecco and mingling with fellow art lovers from across the city and the globe.

If Sowa’s pieces are right up your street, you can check out her Religious Milk collection on her website.

Images: Couch Design News, Everyone Is Essence