Please can I have that doggy lamp in the window?

Woof woof! I came across this rather brilliant Interior Designer Atelier Abigail Ahern whilst having a random scour of the internet for something to catch my eye and make me shriek eeeeeeek!

Well this eccentric designer certainly achieved just that with her bolshy bulldog lamp! (Hence the woof!) One of many belonging to her hound collection, Ahern prides herself on her eclectic and vibrant designs, injecting splurges of colour and fun into a range of commercial, luxury and residential schemes.

Her off-the-wall accessories and interior schemes have featured in a range of media outlets including, Mary Queen of Shops on BBC 2, The New York Times and the LA Times.

So if you have fallen in love with this little doggy in the window, you can pick your desired pooch lamp from her online site and also pursue her other furniture designs that follow the same quirky style. With a price tag of £295, with a height of 44cm, this lamp isn’t cheap, but bespoke isn’t – it’s an investment in something which is individual that will make your guests stop and stare!