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By Romeo Says So

There’s been a lot of debate about the sudden rise in sales of e-readers and the effect this will have on independent bookshops, and with gadgets such as the iPad and Kindle flushing the literary market, I can’t help but wonder what will happen to our bookshelves?

That’s not all! It used to be that when friends came over, someone would always end up snooping through your CD collection and either put one of them on or ask to borrow it, and when a band’s new album came out you’d go straight to the inlay to check out the artwork; but now that CD racks have been made redundant – thanks to mp3 players, I fear that our bookshelves may be headed for the same fate.

This why I love visiting places such as Cecil Court, in Charing Cross, because it reminds me of that feeling you get when you buy a new book and you can’t wait to start reading it.

Nestled beside the chaos of Trafalgar Square, Cecil Court feels a World away from commuter London. You can literally find books on every subject here, with each shop on the row having its own specialism; maps, rare, theatre, art, design, travel etc.

Each selling books that have been bound, illustrated, and designed by loving hand (and if you haven’t visited yet I warn you, you could easily find yourself spending an afternoon there!)

For me, the two shops that really stand out are David Drummonds: Pleasures of Past Times, which specialises in theatre and the performing arts and who’s window displays are amazing by the way – packed full of colour and vibrancy.

Then there’s Marchpane – specialising in rare and first edition children’s books, who ‘s catalogue includes first editions of Peter Pan and books by Lewis Carroll.

So next time you’re in the West End, head down to Cecil Court and buy your bookshelf a little thank you present to build up your Art, Fashion or Design collection!

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