Genius advertising design to catch attention!

I’m the worst for it, my mum hates it and others say it’s a horrible habit. What am I talking about… biting your nails!

I’ve never got as bad as gnawing half my fingers off, but biting my nails is one thing I just can’t shift. And like so many others, I’ve tried the old nasty tasting varnish but still chomp away.

Well, to reinforce their anti-nail biting formula “Stop’n Grow”, this German company decided to create a series of satirical carrier bags – what brilliance! These clever little bags show a person on the front showing off their tussie-pegs, just where the handle of the bag is. So, when you put your hand through, it looks like the person on the front of the bag is biting your hand!

Click to have a look!

This genius example of design just had to be shared with you guys – I hope it made you giggle just as mush as us!