Art and Design Roundup: My Best and Worst of 2011

Guest Blogger

By Romeo Says So

What has been your Art & Design highlight of 2011? Who has inspired you? During the last 12 months who’s had you raving, and who’s left you reeling?

I’m told you should always start with the bad, and I’m afraid my wooden spoon goes to the ICA. I’d been so full of anticipation en route to The Mall, and was genuinely looking forward to seeing who would be in this year’s Bloomsberg New Contemporaries collection, and although the work was good, I was left feeling rather deflated when I was told off for taking photos of an old projector, (which wasn’t even part of the exhibition) though all around me were merrily snapping away!

However, on a much friendlier note, by far the best Art & Design experience I had this year was an afternoon trip to Chanel World at Harrods. From the moment I entered Une Promenade, my mind journeyed from London to Paris; as a curtain of pure white beads swept the floor to reveal a magical garden, complete with cased diamonds, and a centric fountain.

I remember standing quietly in a room filled with small televisions watching the construction of the classic 2.55 Chanel handbag; one of Fashion’s most iconic designs. It was like Roald Dahl for grownups,  and looking back on it now I must   have spent ages in there, but my tour guide was absolutely brilliant; a truly memorable day.

Finally, I leave you with my ‘one to watch’ for 2012; an extremely talented artist who graduated from Central St. Martins this summer, Kristina Labudova. Labudova’s short film Zuz and Jacques was beautiful, subtle yet powerful. It features a young women wandering through the streets of London, wearing a floral dress and classic Mac.

Heavily influenced by spoken word and poetry; her use of French and English, gives the piece a slightly melancholy edge with a romantic centre. I discovered Zuz and Jacques when I visited St. Martins final exhibition at their Charing Cross campus (before it closed earlier in the year.) I remember emailing Labudova a copy of my original article in the summer, and she very kindly replied. Talent and manners, now that is a definite two thumbs up for me!