2012 fashion trend forecast highlights iconic era’s

Guest Blogger

By Hayley Statter

For a number of years fashion trends have pulled influence from eras gone by: take the 1980s “Chalet Chic” or the 60s “Agency Vibe” that infiltrated our wardrobes as Mad Men rocketed to popularity. Revivals in fashion are becoming more commonplace, as we select the best parts of fashion from the last century to feature on the catwalks and in the shops – drawing from a multitude of fashion movements to create a new yet familiar look each season.

2012 looks set to continue in this manner as there are many clothing crazes yet to be replicated with a modern twist. This will be especially prevalent with the release of three films at the end of 2011 that relate to eras iconic in fashion and will no doubt influence the next fashion movement – The Artist, My Week with Marilyn and The Iron Lady.

The Artist, a replica silent movie, in set in the late 1920s, a time when fashion was becoming a talking point and the style was suave and distinctive. Think flapper dresses, pearls, minimalist tailoring, drop-waist dresses and pin-curl hairstyles. The faux fur collars of this time are already prominent in the autumn/winter 2011-12 designs and are vast across the high-end designers and high street stores.

Exquisite headbands that feature in the film already have a place in fashion and the jaunty hats and lace veils are likely to appear in stores soon in some form. Flairs of the 1920s have been apparent in many shops for a while and have been a hit so far, so the release of this classic movie will only add to the popularity of this look.

Left to Right: Anna Sui, stills from the film, Matthew Williamson

The second film mentioned, My Week with Marilyn, showcases the style of one of the most glamorous Hollywood starlets of all time and reminds us how inspired and flattering fashion was for every woman. The 1950s was a great era for the empowerment of femininity as Marilyn Monroe championed women with curves and demonstrated that a little makeup and a red lip can go a long way.

The dresses that epitomize Marilyn’s style are always popular and have appeared in so many seasons in various ways across the years, but now the neat shirts tucked into fitted slim-leg trousers that showcase your figure will again become prevalent in the new year and will move nicely into spring/summer.

This film also draws on the suits and clothing of the males of this era, with dapper suits and country tweeds teamed with shirts, both casual and smart. My Week with Marilyn looks set to influence fashion for men and women over the next year.

Zara and Topshop mimicking Marilyn’s classic style

The Iron Lady brings back a time when power dressing truly came into its own – Margaret Thatcher’s classic suits and sense of style matched her strong personality and desire to be taken seriously, and rivaled those of her male counterparts.

Add to that a touch of lipstick and a structured hair-do and you had a powerful woman before you, and to this day power dressing is still essential to so many and appears in almost every autumn/winter collection for the workplace in some way. Shoulder pads have already begun to make a comeback, as the neat tailoring of the 80s returns.

I would say that these three are the ones to watch out for as the new year rolls in, but I am sure there will soon be even more revival fashion for anyone and everyone to choose from!