Quick and easy tips to up cycle old furniture from Karen Lane

Interior Designer Karen Lane (above), founder of Autograph Interior Design and friend of Couch Design News, has got some really quick and easy ways to re-vamp your old furniture back to its former beauty we thought you would love! Up-cycling is a great way to save those pennies and put your creative fingers to work. So check them out and let us know how you get on!

Hidden sewing box side table

  1. Sand the furniture to remove all traces  of old varnish & grime inside & out.
  2. Apply a white base coat of primer/undercoat
  3. Paint the item & use as many coats as necessary (usually three).
  4. Decorate inside using either paint or fabric.  Can be held in place using small carpet tacks
  5. Textured wallpapers can be applied to give relief to an item
  6. Apply a couple of coats of clear matt or silk varnish to protect the paint & give a nice finish

Sparkling candelabra

  1. Soak metal candelabra’s in warm soapy water & scrub with a nail brush to remove wax & grime.
  2. Thoroughly dry & re-assemble before ‘ “keying” with a metal primer/undercoat.
  3. Use acrylic paint or a matt emulsion & finish off with two coats of clear matt or silk varnish.