Fairy tale nightmares from Thomas Czarnecki

We all grew up with the fluffy happy ever after fairy tales. Cinderella giving the boot to her wicked step mother and bagging herself the perfect prince is probably the most popular.  But one photographer has taken our Disney fairy tale dreams and turned them upside down.

Thomas Czarnecki has taken famous female fairy tale legends such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, and depicts them in some rather gruesome scenes.

Czarnecki never exposes the faces of the characters, who all have hair covering their face and are disturbingly positioned in a provocative way. Even though the images are like something from the crime scene of a murder mystery, an understated element of beauty still shines through, intriguing to the eye and stimulating the imagination.

I won’t reveal anymore see for yourself….

Alice in Wonderland

Sleeping Beauty


Little Red Riding Hood


Beauty and the Beast

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Images: Thomas Czarnecki