Spring fashion braves the bad weather

Guest Blogger

By Hayley Statter – Couch Design News’ fashionista!

With winter raging outside, crazy snow storms ahead and everyone still firmly wrapped up, the spring/summer collections have come around to instil a hope that the weather will not last, and give fashion-lovers something to look forward to.

The fashion houses have demonstrated their trends for 2012 through their recent catwalk shows, and the high street is already following suit with their brighter colours bursting out of shops. So the trends are now being predicted, and one of the more common themes from the fashion shows that are already apparent in the shops is patterns and prints. This has been popular for a few years now, but this year there are a few that are creeping into the forefront.

The first, and probably one of the more predictable prints considering the forthcoming seasons, is floral. The floral pattern varies considerably, so there is an option to match most people’s flowery whims.

Christopher Kane, Erdem, Prada, Moschino and many more featured petals on the catwalk creations, and it is a versatile design that has leaked effortlessly into high-street ranges, continuing on the floral trend from the last few years. Big or small, bold or blended, floral is an easy-to-wear print that can be used on a multitude of clothing and can lend itself to many occasions.

Left to right: Moschino, Erdem, Prada, Rodarte, Christopher Kane

Another print that featured in the Spring/Summer designs was a print that reappears every few years. Paisley gives a nod to the laid-back, gypsy feel of summer and festivals, and while this year follows in these somewhat predictable but still stylish footsteps, there was definitely a more structured and grown-up feel to the print in various collections.

Everyone from Jil Sander to Stella McCartney featured this: it is a print that will replicate into the high street with ease, and I am sure it will appear all over bikinis, kaftans, skirts and dresses in the coming months.

Left to right: Emilio Pucci, Jil Sander x2, Paul & Joe , Stella McCartney

The third print that made a common appearance in the Spring/Summer collections, and my personal favourite, is incorporated within the African style Vogue is calling Afrocentric. Animal print has been around for years, and lately it has moved away from the tacky reputation and is seen as a print that can represent high-end as well as affordable.

There are a few common animal prints: leopard, tiger and zebra. These animalistic patterns are set to continue as a strong trend; so you can always dig out clothing from the past few years, or alternatively check out the new season styles or clothes and accessories. The prints can be all-consuming, or just a hint to add to an outfit – but this year animal print has been given a sophisticated sense.

Left to right: Holly Fulton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors x2, Gucci

Of course there are many more featured trends that will be surfacing in the shops as the Spring/Summer collections get into full swing, and patterns and prints are just some of these. However all these print trends are flexible and adaptable to any occasion, and can be mixed with plain items to jazz up an outfit or worn as a statement.

All three of these patterns are already featuring in the stores and will stick around for the warmer months of 2012. So be it fancy florals, intricate paisley or animalistic print that is your style of choice, wear them with pride and show your flair for the styles of the new season and your affinity to the catwalk trends!