This Valentines Day turn the bedroom into a chic boudoir you’ll love!

As one of the most important rooms in the home, the boudoir is our sanctuary and well… the place most couples and strangers (can’t ignore 21st century romanticism!) will end up this Valentines Day.

But please please please avoid going for silk red sheets, seedy lighting and spreading fake rose petals all over like someone’s violently sneezed and cornflaked everywhere. Instead go for quiet luxury, understated glamor and soft fabrics to create the perfect mood – think high society Parisian decor with a rough-vintage twist.

This look is easy and inexpensive to achieve, and one which can be kept throughout the year – its just down to a few simple interior design tricks…


A feature which is often overlooked, but an element that has such importance within a design scheme. The lighting of a room can dramatically alter  the mood and ambience of a room  with literally the flick of a switch.

By simply changing the tint of the light bulbs to one with a tint from the red colour spectrum like amber, pink and yellow, a soft glow is created that enhances the atmosphere of the room beautifully. Replace the bulbs of side lamps and place them on the floor or behind the bed head to create gentle sultry shadows.

When it comes to creating a more intense atmosphere, there are no boundaries when using candles – the flickering of a dozen naked flames just oozes passion. Any size, shape or colour can be used, there’s no limited to how many can be scattered around the room – it just depends on the desired level of brightness.

Do be aware of scented candles though, too many different smells can be over powering and before you know it one of you has to take a toilet check for a breath of fresh air!


Stick to tones of red and blue such as; vintage rose, lavender and smokey blue, deep purple, mint green and teal. Add flashes of pearl and midnight silver as reflectives. They key is to choose a rich main colour and work lighter hues around it to avoid making a room look like a circus of sickening shades.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the bed is the focal point of a room and knowing how to dress it properly is a skill you’ll pass on to everyone down the street. It’s amazing how a simple design scheme can be brought together with the right bed dressing – so take note!

That said, the weekly cover change is not everyone’s favorite pastime but there’s nothing more satisfying than sinking into crisp sheets smelling of lavender and fluffy puffed pillows. Using tactile fabrics such as silk, faux fur, velvet and lace will create a sensual and inviting mood.

Simple staging tricks such as draping a faux fur throw over the end of the bed or rolling back the cover to showcase the pillows both have great dramatic impact. One great tip is to use a number of sheet inserts beneath the bed cover – in keeping with the room colour palette. This gives an illusion of multiple layers and emphasises the essence of luxury.

Scatter cushions are also a quick and easy way of adding texture and cohesion to a design – just be aware to not overload the bed with more than 5, or it will look like the aftermath of a pillow fight!


Finally, attention to detail will really accentuate the understated glamour and luxury of this “rusty” take on the popular vintage “French Boudoir” style. Place vintage crystal perfume bottles, costume jewellery or a silver mirror on a dresser. If you don’t have a dresser then position them loosely on a side table or shelf – all can be picked up for practically nothing at a car boot or charity shop!

Flowers really are the bees knees when it comes to creating a romantic mood. You just can’t match the natural scent of lily’s roses or my favorite orchids. So grab a vase from under the sink and some fresh posies to really finish off the room.

Hopefully these interior design tips will help you on your way to creating a beautiful evening and also show you that the bedroom can be transformed without breaking the bank.