Invest in quality interiors for a cosy future

Ideal Home Show 2012 highlights part 2:

The Ideal Show Homes are the biggest attraction at the event, which people flock to have a peruse around and absorb interior design ideas. Of the three homes, The Prince’s Trust house always trumps the rest with its brilliantly executed designs. This year the interiors were based around an eco-friendly arts & crafts theme.

The natural home is 70% more energy-efficient than current building regulations require and is made from materials such as clay, wood, lime and wool to create a super insulated, yet breathable shell.

As Prince Charles has championed the crafts for over 25 years, the design of the house was inspired by the 19th century Arts and crafts movement which cherished quality, handmade design and furnishings.

From stained glass windows to decorative artwork, lino-cut wallpaper to traditional joinery, decorative stencilling to hand-made tiles, the house shows the big difference that even one hand-crafted piece can give to a room.

The house also incorporates a stunning British manufactured cast iron, wood burning stove. From attention to detail to heavy  duty goods this house just works – I was ready to move in then! But what do you think?

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Credits: Ideal home Show