The return of… Damien Hirst

He’s shocked the world with his outrageous and challenging art for over twenty years. From diamond skulls to shark corpse’s submerged in a tank for all to see, Damien Hirst has kept us on our toes and wanting more.

That’s why when I found out some of his most famous pieces will be showcased in his first solo retrospective exhibition at the Tate Modern, I had to sit down and take a few, I just couldn’t withstand the excitement!

Even the two-part installation In and Out of Love, not shown in its entirety since its creation in 1991 and Pharmacy 1992 will be among the highlights of the exhibition – eeeek!

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So, if you’re a huge fan of the Hirst like myself, well you’re in for a treat and best bag your tickets now because the exhibition is expected to attract the masses.

If you’re screaming GET ME THERE in your head, then from 4th April to 9th September 2012, you can amaze and enjoy the exciting works from the 46 year old Godfather of contemporary art. Tickets start from £12.20.