Its all over your face! Unbelievable face jewellery from Lara Jensen


Lara Jensen

My good friend and fellow couture fashion blogger Poison.Antidote.Repeat introduced me to the unbelievable designer Lara Jensen who was behind the gas dropping jewelled face pieces in the Inbar Spector’s AW12 catwalk show.

The severity and eeriness of Jensen’s designs are transformed into pieces of beauty with her use of dazzling jewels and has certainly caught the attention of the fashion world.

Specialising in millinery and costume design, the British designer started flexing her creative talents at the age of twelve and has worked with some of the biggest personalities in showbiz including Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld – wow thats a killer conversation starter!

If you’d like to snap up one of Lara Jensen’s bespoke face pieces we expect you’ll have to part with a fair bit of wonga, but for the exact pricing you will have to contact the lady herself.