Picture perfect with Hermes for £32k

We all love to get a little snappy happy and especially with summer in full swing (or not if you’re living in the UK its been pouring down for weeks!) its the perfect time make some amazing memories with your besties?!

Jumping poses in the park, the latest looks of just simply capturing the beauty of the countryside, you can do all of this in ultimate style with the latest (and most talked about) DSLR camera on the block. Well, I bet you’re thinking “go on then… tell me what all the fuss is about!”. HERMES!!!! That’s what all the fuss is about.

The luxury French mega brand has released a vintage style and very sexy prof camera. The Leica M9-P edition complete package comes with its own chic carry case, 3 lenses, scrap books and more. This beautiful model is laced with calf skin leather in beige and boasts a classic silver body – the perfect mix of fashion and technology.

This little beauty is of course extremely limited and will cost you…. wait for it…….. £16000 up to  £32000! So we can only dream.