The Great Wall of Vagina’s

I can’t really say anymore – it does what it says on the tin…it’s a great wall of Vagina’s. So you may as well keep on reading its only going to get better?

You may be disgusted, confused or outraged but nonetheless, you’re here reading about a wall of genitalia, which is the exactly what artist Jamie McCartney wanted to achieve.  His astounding pieces of art generate huge interest and debate.

Jamie MacCartney

 It’s not vulgar, it’s vulva! This isn’t just sensation, it is art with a social conscience. 

 The 9 metre long wall sculpture is created from casts of 400 women’s vagina’s, with the aim to challenge how the female form is portrayed in modern-day adult entertainment.  McCartney wanted to make his project as broad and inclusive as possible with women aged 18 to 76 taking part.

A single panel

Deemed “obscene” by Tokyo police, McCartney’s sculptures are not an expression of pornography, erotic art or some fetish.  He’s made the sexual, non-sexual and enabled us to admire his work wonder and with fascination.

Full wall hanging

I personally cannot think of a more, clever, yet humorous way of breaking down social barriers and tackling modern prejudices.  If you’re swanning around Milan between now and 19th March, you can go and see “The great Wall of Vagina’s” at the Triennale Design Museum.

Images: Jamie McCartney