Hello all! I always like to read the about pages on blogs because I can actually put words to face so I’m returning the favour. Firstly I’d like to thank you for having a peruse around Couch Design News and hope you’ve soaked up some great information.

I started off my journey training as a Journalist in the UK and went on to be the Editor for The Design Hub in 2010. This experience propelled me into the exciting world of the creative arts, design and fashion, and like the famous Pringles quote, “once I popped, I just couldn’t stop!”

I’m now a self proclaimed design addict and with the opportunity to go solo, it was a natural move to cook up something fresh that is Couch.

So, no matter what your taste, whether it’s Fashionista, Arty Type or Design Guru you will find something to sink your teeth into. Enjoy interviews with Designers and Artists, features, event reviews and hot design picks in the true British Style – sat on a comfy couch, with a brew and Digestive biscuits!

Image: Liam Kerrigan